Apple Teacher Mac Check-In Recordings

Check-in No 5 Recording

Check out the Daniel's workflows for creating amazing video on Mac. The perfect round up of many Mac apps to finish off our 2021 Apple Teacher Mac course.

Check-in No 4 Recording

Seems the tech gremlins even target the Catholic Learning Online team. Apologies for the disjointed session today. I will post the app prototype section and work on getting some other clips about Magic Move up shortly.

Check-in No 2 Recording

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Mark Hamlet's Fukushima Journal/Folio

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CLO ATLC Collaborative Deck - Mac Session Two.pdf

Check-in No 2 presentation


Check-in No 1 Recording

Using Notes on Big Sur FINAL.m4v

APLS - Daniel Woo

Apple Teacher Learning Journal

You will have your own learning journal for the course where you can track your progress, experiment with the tools and create a lasting record of your journey.

The Learning Journal is a tool that many teachers use in their classrooms to support, scaffold and extend student learning.

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