CLO Google Fundamentals

Catholic Learning Online brings Google for Education to your Diocese. This course combines the Google self-directed learning modules with value add virtual sessions that will develop your skills and knowledge around the effective use of Google Workspace.

The CLO Google Fundamentals Program will allow you to work through the modules and earn your Google Level 1 Certification at your own pace. To support you along the way we will have a number of virtual check-in sessions, where you will be shown some innovative uses of your new skills and be able to ask questions to clarify your learning. These virtual sessions will be presented by Chris Betcher, a specialist and expert in the Google Suite of products in teaching and learning.

Learning Intentions

Participants will...

  • learn different ways that classroom technology can be used to support existing teaching programs

  • learn how technology can be used in a range of ways from simple substitution to a more sophisticated redefinition of learning tasks

  • learn about a range of tools inside Google Workspace for Education and how they can be used to make teaching and learning more effective

Success Criteria

Participants will know that they are successful...

  • Understand how existing and future classroom tasks can be supported with technology

  • Identify ways in which technology can be used appropriately in ways that engage and support student learning

  • Apply the new knowledge to my local context