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Introduction to the Hour of Code

Catholic Learning Online brings you a short, sharp primer for The Hour Of Code running from December 6-12.

Over 1.3 Billion students around the world have participated in Hour of Code and we would love to see 2021 as the biggest year yet.

You will learn about Hour of Code, how to run your own event in your classroom/school and how to register with Hour of Code. In addition, Kim Vernon from ACARA will explore the curriculum links addressed in Hour of Code activities and how this translates into the NSW Curriculum.

Learning Intentions

Participants will...

  • Understand the benefits of participating in Hour of Code

  • Explore the coding options available.

  • Learn how to register their Hour of Code event

  • Learn how Hour of Code activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum

Success Criteria

Participants will know that they are successful if they can...

  • Register for and run an Hour of Code event

  • Identify their relevant curriculum links

Slide Deck

Reaching All Learners - iPad Assistive Features

ClickView - Enhancing Learning in the Secondary Classroom

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ClickView - Enhancing Learning in the Primary Classroom

Check out this fabulous resource - 300 playlists grouped by stage - click the button to the right

Morning session

Afternoon session

PearDeck For Beginners

Two Google Slide presentations.
  • The ‘PearDeck Session CENet’ is the one that will run as a Pear Deck session that the participants will join.
  • The ‘Presentation PearDeck CENet’ is the one that I will use when I Screenshare during the session before and after the Pear Deck one mentioned above. This also has screenshots if the Pear Deck fails to work with Zoom and everything else.
There is also two pdf handbooks that were created by Pear Deck experts which are helpful to refer to, all these files are viewable in the shared folder link below.
An introduction to PearDeck. Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand how to use the PearDeck extension in the classroom environment.
Success CriteriaParticipants will know if they have been successful by:
  • Can install the Peardeck extension in Google Chrome
  • Use lessons from the Library of PearDeck Slides
  • Create interactive slides in a new Google Slides presentation or add some interactive slides to an existing slide document.
  • Get others to join a presentation and review the feedback as they present or after a session.

Seesaw For Beginners

This one hour event takes Classroom teachers through the fundamentals of Seesaw for Schools.Learning Outcomes:
  • Activate your account
  • How to view student work
  • Approve post
  • How to post to Class Journal
  • Find, save, modify and assign activities
Success Criteria:
  • Participants will know if they have been successful by:
  • Activating and logging into their Seesaw account
  • Accessing and view student work by journal, student and calendar view
  • Identifying how to engaging with student posts by liking and commenting
  • Learning how to post to the Class Journal
  • Accessing the Activity Library to find, save, modify and assign activities

Seesaw School Champions

This one hour event takes School Champions through the resources and facilities available from Seesaw to support them in leading implementation and support of colleagues in setting up Seesaw for Schools. This session is aimed at teachers already using Seesaw.
Learning IntentionsParticipants will:
  • Learn what makes training engaging
  • Access and understand Seesaw PD kits
  • Learn how to continually support staff in using Seesaw
Success CriteriaParticipants will know if they have been successful by:
  • Identifying key criteria that makes for an engaging interactive training session
  • Accessing and identifying all components of the Seesaw PD kits
  • Learning ways to continually support staff in using Seesaw
  • Locating additional training resources to support staff in using Seesaw

Seesaw in the Primary Classroom

Millions of students, teachers, and families in over 150 countries use Seesaw to increase academic achievement and build a powerful home-school connection centered around student learning. With intuitive and open-ended tools, students go from consuming to creating - in any subject — and create a portfolio that grows over time. Because students record their voice, teachers gain insights by understanding each student’s thought process, not just the end result. With Seesaw, all families can see and support their child's learning, regardless of language spoken or device used at home.
Learning IntentionsParticipants will...
  • Learn about digital portfolios and their relationship to the Learning Loop
  • Build upon existing knowledge of Seesaw and its features
  • Learn how to collaborate with other faculty members to create engaging student experiences
  • Discover how to create, assign, and provide feedback on student activities
  • View a demonstration of Seesaw, and have the option to engage within the platform in real-time. Time will be allocated for a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
  • Explore how Seesaw facilitates powerful learning for students of all ages
Success Criteria
  • Understand how Seesaw for Schools supports the Learning Loop - the connection between students, their learning community, and their families.
  • Understand the benefits of Seesaw for Schools that take learning to the next level by providing 1.) analytics visibility 2.) curriculum alignment, and 3.) tools for student empowerment.
Presentation Slide Deck

SORA - Building Student Reading Habits with the SORA ebooks Platform

Research has shown that students need to build reading habits to develop good literacy and academic skills. To nurture an independent reading habit, students need access to relevant high interest texts at levels as well as reading strategies that can help them develop reading proficiency and comprehension. The SORA ebook platform provides students and teachers with access to a vast and diverse range of quality literature to motivate student reading. It includes inbuilt tools to develop deep reading skills and habits.
Learning IntentionsParticipants will...
  • Build knowledge on the use of ebooks to motivate independent readers
  • Learn how to use the inbuilt platform tools to locate suitable texts at their reading level and to suit their diverse needs.
  • Develop an understanding of how the SORA ebook platform can be used to support reading proficiency and diverse reading levels
Success Criteria
  • Understood how ebooks can support the development of reading.
  • Identified how they can use the platform with students to build a reading habit.
  • Contributed strategies for using the ebook platform to develop reading comprehension.
Participants will interact with the tools of the SORA ebook platform. Time will be provided to discuss research around ebooks and reading and to share strategies for their integration in student learning.
Presentation Slide Deck

LucidPress - Empowering students to become creators

LucidPress is a web-based desktop publishing software application. It is used to create brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards, posters, magazines and presentations.
Learning IntentionsViewers will...
  • Learn about the purpose and place of LucidPress amongst other digital tools available.
  • Understand ways to help students create in the classroom.
  • Develop a ready-to-use activity to use with their class.
Success Criteria
  • Understood how LucidPress can be used across Key Learning Areas.
  • Converted a template into a personalised learning experience.
  • Prepared an activity to use with students.

Presentation Slide Deck

2021 Catholic Learning Online Summit

Google Sheets - Using Graphs to Make Numbers Meaningful

Using Graphs to Make Numbers MeaningfulHaving numbers without graphs to visualise them is like having musical notes with no way to listen to them. This session will help you teach your students to create meaningful graphs from data they collect.Presentation slides at
Using Graphs to Make Numbers Meaningful

Google Sites - Document Student Work with Project Portfolios

Document Student Work with Project PortfoliosWhether it's to document a short term project, or to track progress over many years, this session will show you how students can use Google Sites to create a beautiful digital portfolio for their work

Google Jamboard & Google Classroom - We be Jammin' - Jamboard and a little Classroom

Jamboard is a relatively new addition to Workspace for Education, and rapidly grew in popularity during remote learning last year. With the recent addition of extra features it remains a powerful tool for any classroom. This session will give you a better understanding of what Jamboard offers and provide you with suggestions for teaching with it.
We Be Jammin'
Jamboard Canvii


Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can bring their best ideas to light. Collaborate in real time, no matter where you are. Lucidspark helps people organize notes and scribbles and turn them into presentation-ready concepts. When it’s time for next steps, teams can develop workflows and process documents to turn ideas into reality. Features include: integrations, infinite canvas, sticky notes, freehand drawing, chat, templates, timer, voting, Breakout Boards, Miro import, and more.Presentation HERE

SORA - Extending classroom reading with SORA

Participants will...
  • Build knowledge on the use of ebooks to engage students with reading
  • Learn how to use the inbuilt platform tools to locate a variety of text formats and genres to stimulate learning
  • Discover ideas on how you can utilise and promote SORA in your classroom and school
Extending classroom reading with SORA - CLOE April 2021

EquatIO & Read&Write - Making Maths and STEM Digital, Authentic and Accessible

Educators can teach maths and STEM differently and digitally, making learning meaningful, authentic and accessible for all learners, supported by the addition of new educational technologies to their existing maths and STEM tech toolkit.This session will explore how the technology tools, EquatIO and Read&Write, can support the reading and comprehension of maths and STEM content, create and understand math notation in a digital world, and support real time formative assessment strategies . We need to take away the barriers of reading, digital notation, and static assessment, getting in the way of our students being able to understand the underlying concepts of math and engaging in learning maths and STEM in a digital environment.
Making Maths and STEM Digital, Authentic and Accessible


Explore how Seesaw can be used to engage and motivate students learning. Join us as one of our talented Year 4 teacher shares with us how she uses Seesaw in her classroom.

Book Creator

BookCreator is a fantastic tool (both app and web based) that can help students communicate learning through a variety of methods. Learn some ways you can use this tool for assessment, classroom activities and differentiation.

Presentation Slides

Creating an accessible classroom (desktop and iOS) - Microsoft

In this session, you will see how Microsoft Office tools help you personalise writing instruction and motivate your students to achieve their fullest potential. You will learn how to use various features within your favourite Office tools including Dictate, Immersive Reader, Editor and Word Prediction.

CENET The Inclusive Classroom 2021.pdf

Microsoft Whiteboard - Collaborate on digital butcher's paper

In this session, you will explore how to use Microsoft Whiteboard app (available on Windows and iOS) to create individual and collaborative learning experiences. You will learn how to create and share Whiteboards and how to use features such as sticky notes, pictures, stickers, templates and digital ink.
Whiteboard EDU - Quick Guide.pdf

Microsoft Minecraft - Bring coding to life with Minecraft: Education Edition and Code Connection - Microsoft

In this session, you will discover the wonders of Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom and how you can use the embedded Code Connection to build computational thinking skills with your students. You will learn how to use the features but also explore existing lesson plans and worlds that support coding within Minecraft: Education Edition.

Read & Write - Personalising Learning and Supporting Learner Agency using Read&Write

This session will be of value to all educators. It will cover the underlying pedagogies for personalising learning and supporting learner agency using Read&Write, to meet the diverse learning needs of every classroom.Creating learning environments that accommodate, foster and challenge ALL learners, regardless of the barriers that currently exist for them around the literacy demands of school, is an essential requirement for schools.This session will introduce core understandings and practical strategies using digital tools to promote learner agency, support active learners and enable their busy educators to personalise learning opportunities.
Personalising Learning & Supporting Learner Agency Using Educational Read&Write

Canva - Inspire Creativity with Canva

Canva provides you with the tools you need to create classroom visual resources to print, or for use in your digital classroom. With a powerful yet simple interface you will find Canva provides you with endless opportunities to be inspired while creating inspirational resources for the classroom.This webinar provides you the opportunity to learn how to use Canva to create classroom posters, and each participant will be able to create an infographic to support an area of learning you are preparing for Term 2.Before beginning the Webinar each participant should create their own Canva for Education account which provides you with free access to all the Canva resources. Participants from Canberra & Goulburn can already access Canva for Education using their school email address.

Apple Clips - Capture the Moment with Clips

Clips, a free app for iPhone and iPad, creates a fun way for video to redefine how students demonstrate learning. In this hands-on session, you’ll explore how to capture and share learning moments with new features like Live Titles, filters, stickers, and more.Check out this great Clips Playlist by Mathew Pullen for everything you need to know about Clips

Access Abilities: Designing for All Learners

More students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities. And teachers are exploring new ways to not only support these learners, but to also personalise every student’s learning experience. Join us to learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to explore, communicate, and create in new and powerful ways. Explore the built-in accessibility features included on every iPad that can be customised to help diverse learners succeed. Accessibility: Improve Reading FluencyIncrease Productivity with AssistiveTouch


Zoom - Introduction to Zoom

Introducing the tools and resources you have to teach with in ZoomTo make the most of this session, view the Zoom presentation on a mobile device (tablet, phone or second laptop) and have your main laptop available with a Google Chrome browser installed as well as your Zoom account.Presenter: Vickie Vance (Bathurst)Facilitator: Karen Gardiner (Wagga Wagga)Presentation slide deck

Adobe Creative - Using Adobe Creative Tools

Overview of the skills and principles that make for effective, engaging and creative online synchronous and asynchronous teaching experiences with the help of Adobe tools. Dr Tim Kitchen (Adobe) will model best practice for online teaching and provide a set of simple to use and practical ways to communicate via the Adobe Spark tools. He will also provide a range of practical resources that can be used for ongoing support and learning.Presenter: Dr Tim Kitchen (Adobe)Facilitator: Mark Woolley (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

Google Classroom - Introduction to Google Classroom

Introducing Google Classroom - how to create a class, how to have students join, make announcements, create assignments and turn notifications on and off.Presenter: Vickie Vance (Bathurst)Facilitator: Karen Gardiner (Wagga Wagga)Presentation slide deck

Microsoft PowerPoint - Turning your presentation into a video

Recording your PowerPoint for explicit instruction, flipped or blended learning. Turn your existing PowerPoint presentation into an MP4 to share with students. Great for explicit instruction or a pre-learning activity before you conference with students. Presentation slide deckStudent Example PowerPointStudent Example MP4

Google Tools - Being Creative with Google Tools

From making music and exploring art, to creating drawings that teach computers how to learn with artifical intelligence, Google has lots of amazing resources to help educators think beyond the obvious. This session will help you discover some amazingly fun, creative and engaging tools from Google.Presenter: Chris Betcher (Google)Facilitator: JJ Purton Jones (Lismore)Presentation slide deck

ClickView - Using ClickView in Primary

Explore ClickView as an effective resource for driving student learning through video media. Ideal for Remote Learning, teachers can access media, direct students to engage with content and receive analytics on engagement. This session is tailored to the Primary context.Presenter: Jack Whitehead (ClickView)Facilitator: Chris Stratford (Cairns)

Apple Keynote and Pages - Learning Journals

Make & Create Templates & Student Learning Journals Using Pages

Scaffold student learning through the development of interactive templates using Pages and Keynote. Combine lesson content with student work spaces and prompts. Include media placeholders and audio voice commands.
Presenter: Michelle Bunder (Apple Education)Facilitator: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Apple Resources - NSW Department Education JournalsLearn at Home K-2 PagesLearn at Home 3-6 PagesLearn at Home 7-9 PagesLinks to all Apple Resources can be found at the bottom of the Resources page of the CLOS Website

Screencastify - Introduction to Screencastify

Introducing Screencastify - how to enable the Chrome Extension; the difference between Browser Tab, Desktop and Webcam; Where your videos are stored and the access links.
Presenter: Vickie Vance (Bathurst)Facilitator: Christine Stratford (Cairns) & Karen Gardiner (Wagga-Wagga)Presentation slide deck

Adobe - Online teaching with video

Creating video resources for your students as part of an asynchronous online teaching & learning experience is no longer a daunting process thanks to simple to use tools like Adobe Spark Video and the new Premiere Rush. This session by Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will model best practice for online teaching and provide a set of simple to use and practical tips and resources to help any teacher in any subject area develop video literacy skills.
Presenter: Dr Tim Kitchen (Adobe)Facilitator: Mark Woolley (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

Purposeful Design of Online Learning

All successful educational spaces rely on the design that underpins the teaching and learning that is intended to take place there. Online learning spaces are no different, and spending some time thinking about purposeful pedagogical design will help to maximise learning outcomes and create engaging learning experiences. Join me for a discussion of key points in curriculum design and pedagogy which actively contribute to successful online learning environments.
Presenter: Alicia Pringle (Armidale)Facilitator: Vickie Vance (Bathurst)Presentation slide deck

Google Classroom - Next Level

With over 100 million students now using Google Classroom globally, it's time to really get serious about using it the right way. This session will dive into the important features of Google Classroom so you can really start to take advantage of its power in your classroom.
Presenter: Chris Betcher (Google)Facilitator: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

ClickView - Using ClickView in Secondary

Explore ClickView as an effective resource for driving student learning through video media. Ideal for Remote Learning, teachers can access media, direct students to engage with content and receive analytics on engagement. This session is tailored to the Secondary context.
Presenter: Kerry Thomas (Clickview)Facilitator: Wendy Tisbury (Cairns)Presentation slide deck - no slide deck

Apple Clips, Screen Recordings and Animation

Explore the power and ease of screen recording, deliver engaging lesson introductions and inspire students to be creative with how they present their learning. This session will look at the possibilities of Clips, and animation to engage students.
Presenter: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Facilitator: Mark Woolley (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

Apple Clips - Creating Engaging Video

Create Engaging Videos with Clips

Clips is a free app that lets educators and students easily create and share engaging videos. In this session we’ll show you how educators can use Clips to create instructional videos for exploring new skills and ideas — and how students can make videos to share what they’ve learned.Presenter: Apple Education Team Australia (Glen & Michelle)Facilitator: Vickie Vance (Bathurst)Resources Support Video

ClickView - Advanced ClickView for Primary

Use ClickView to upload content, create interactive videos and integrate with Google Classroom seamlessly.This session will take you to the next level with ClickView and will be tailored to Primary teachers and how they can upload and create their own content.
Presenter: Eliescha Bazley (ClickView)Facilitator: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

Screencastify - Advanced Screencastify

So you can use screencastify! Congratulations. This session will teach the extra tricks and tips in screencastify. How do we give effective feedback? What tools can help? Enhancing direct instruction? This sessions aims to give you the tools to make your lessons clearer and more productive.
Presenter: Mark Woolley (Wollongong)Facilitator: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Presentation Slides and resources

Google Forms - Self Marking Quizzes

Google Forms can be used to collect data easily by creating time-saving surveys and questionnaires. But you can also use Forms to design powerful self marking quizzes that save time and help your students learn in the process. Discover how to spend less time grading and more time on the things that matter.
Presenter: Chris Betcher (Google)Facilitator: Christine Stratford (Cairns)Presentation slide deck

ClickView - Advanced ClickView for Secondary

Use ClickView to upload content, create interactive videos and integrate with Google ClassroomThis session will take you to the next level with ClickView and will be tailored to Secondary teachers and how they can upload and create their own content.
Presenter: Eliescha Bazley (ClickView)Facilitator: Ben Woods (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

SORA - Opening the world of reading

Overdrive and Sora are the eBook Platform available to most CEnet Member Diocese. This session will guide you through how it all works.
Presenter: Traci Egan (Overdrive/Sora)Facilitator: Karen Gardiner (Wagga Wagga)Presentation slide deck

Using IT Tools for Formative Assessment

There are a plethora of tools that can be used by educators for formative assessment.1. Which ones can we use to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles?2. How do they work? Participants would benefit from having a mobile device (tablet, mobile or second laptop) available to participate. It would also be beneficial if you have the Kahoot! app downloaded on your second device.
Presenter: Christine Stratford (Cairns)Facilitator: Wendy Tisbury (Cairns)Presentation slide deck

Pear Deck - Formative Assessment

Turn your Google Slides into an interactive assessment tool using Pear Decks. Improve student engagement by giving them the opportunity to reflect, discuss and respond during a learning presentation.
Presenter: Anna Moloney (Lismore)Facilitator: JJ Purton Jones (Lismore)Presentation slide deckBlank Responses Document

Classwork Zoom

Ever wanted to know what your students were doing and how they were completing their assignments? Classwork Zoom connects to your Google Classrooms and brings you the information on how students are engaging with your set tasks. This session will explore Classwork Zoom and show you how it can be used for your teaching.
Presenter: Eric Burton (Classwork Zoom) and Hamish Jeffery’s (Wollongong)Facilitator: Mark Woolley (Wollongong)Presentation slide deck

Google Earth - Your window into the world

You might be stuck at home, but you can still let your students explore the world by using Google Earth. Help your students learn by taking them to faraway places, then let them loose on the amazing creation tools that were recent added to Earth so they can build their own virtual tours.
Presenter: Chris Betcher (Google)Facilitator: JJ Purton Jones (Lismore)Presentation slide deck

Microsoft Minecraft - Teaching Remotely

Minecraft education edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.Minecraft: Education Edition is a way to bring the classroom and curriculum to your students, in an environment they know an enjoy. It is the same Minecraft experience many students enjoy and play already, but with additional capabilities to enable student collaboration, and support educators to deliver lessons and learning activities within the game. It is designed for students to play together – whether that’s working in teams to solve a problem or collaborating as an entire class to master learning activities.
Presenter: Megan Townes (Microsoft)Facilitator: Christine Stratford (Cairns)Presentation slide deck

Google Level 1 Certification

Google for Education Level 1 and Level 2 certificates are much more than gaining a cool certificate and digital badge. In this session you will learn how Google for Education Level 1 and Level 2 training offers:
- Opportunities to stay current with the GSuite tools that are available for educators to use in their teaching practice
- Professional development at your own pace in your own place - enriching opportunities for collaboration, creativity, communication, and real-time feedback.
- A connection with like minded educators across the globe - Time will be set aside to learn some tips to help you prepare for the online exams
Presenter: Lesleigh Altmann (Lismore)Facilitator: JJ Purton Jones (Lismore)Presentation slide deck

Google Slides - Geeky Tips

Add some geeky ideas to your digital toolbox when designing in Google Slides. Learn a few simple design tips, how to embed media and how to create an interactive slide so students can drag an drop objects into place!
Presenter: Lesleigh Altmann (Lismore)Facilitator: Vickie Vance (Bathust)Presentation slide deck

Google Sites

Google Sites is an easy to use website creation tool that is easy to learn and simple to use, and produces good looking websites. While it makes creating a website quick and easy, there are a few handy tricks you can use to design really beautiful sites that people will want to use.
Presenter: Chris Betcher (Google)Facilitator: Chris Stratford (Cairns)Presentation slide deck

Microsoft - Remote Learning for Inclusivity

Microsoft's mission is to empower all people and all organisations to achieve more. The remote classroom is no different. Microsoft provides a robust platform for students to fully engage with their curricula, classmates, and teachers in powerful new ways. These tools and solutions work in tandem with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, among others, and help teachers spend less time discovering digital solutions and workarounds and more time working with their students. Participants will:
• see how Microsoft 365 can transform their students’ educational experience and personalise learning in Reading, Writing, Maths and Speaking & Listening;
• navigate tools such as Immersive Reader, Dictate in Office, Microsoft Translator, Accessibility Checker, Office Lens and tailor them to students’ individual learning needs;
• learn how students can demonstrate their understanding using inputs other than keyboarding and text and be equipped with productivity and collaborative tools, and skills they will use throughout their lives.Presenter: Steve Payne (Microsoft)Facilitator: Wendy Tisbury (Cairns)Presentation slide deck